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YourHappyPeriod is a Gaddr-user and a brand that sees social media marketing essential for their growth. Today they tell us their 5 Top Practices on raising brand awareness with social media and the reasons they like using Gaddr!

For any company marketing on social media channels is essential. For a startup, we would even say that social media is the single most important tool at an early stage, with its powerful ability to spread the voice of our company.

Your Happy Period is an innovative tampon brand that offers 100% organic cotton tampons on subscription. But that is not the only benefit, our tampon boxes are customised according to the customer’s needs and preferences. Even better, our tampons empower women too. For every box of Your Happy Period sold, we donate a month’s worth supply of sanitary protection to a girl in need through our partnership with GlobalGiving. We want girls to stay in school, so that they can reach their full potential.

Social Media have changed in such a way that that almost anybody has the possibility to market their product and raise their brand awareness in a relatively cost effective way.

So here are our Top 5 best tips on how to build your brand awareness through social media!

1. Clearly define your brand and your values to ensure you reach your target audience


YourHappyPeriod are making use of their Gaddr on cards that go in product packaging

By having a clear definition of your brand and its values from the outset, you are more aware of who your target audience is. It is important to define your target group on social media from an early stage. Our main target group is clearly women who menstruate, and who are seeking for a feminine hygiene product that is organic and comes with great social value as well as impact impact. Our social media channels help us to improve our brand loyalty and also convert our followers to actual customers. We have developed a consistent strategy for how our content should come across visually and how it is to be communicated. We are at an early stage which means that we can also experiment with our expression!

2. Use tools to help improve your content 

There are numerous good tools out there that can help your brand better manage social media channels. We are using a variety of tools to optimise our workflow and to create better content.  For instance, we use the app Later (Big up to ECGO for the recommendation) to schedule our posts on Instagram and to get a good overview over our homepage. It is important that you diversify your posts, and we have so many aspects that drive curiosity! We also use Snapseed to make our photos more striking and beautiful. Today, with the overflow of information and images on social media, it is all about having eye catching content on Instagram and the other related channels.

Thanks to Gaddr, we are now able to have all of our social profiles on one unifying platform! We truly think this is so applicable to our business: don’t we want our customers to get the quickest access to all our channels including support, at all times? That’s why we use our @YourHappyPeriod Gaddr-name on greeting cards that we send out in packing to customers!

3. Chose a few channels to focus on, instead of using everything

There is no point for a small company to try and focus on all the different social media marketing channels that exist, in order to reach potential customers. It is simply too overwhelming, and it makes it difficult to keep track of the effectiveness of the content on the different channels. We have therefore chosen to use Instagram and Facebook as our main social media channels to reach our target audience. 

And now we focus on becoming the best on those channels and make sure our customers can easily find and follow them any time, which is why we like Gaddr! We obviously have different strategies for Instagram and Facebook, because we feel that they are currently being used differently by users. We are still experimenting with Facebook ads, and learning how to optimise our targeting strategies. It is a whole new world, but one that we find really fun to explore and experiment with!

4. Experiment and be creative

It takes time to grow your following on social media, and therefore it is very important to not give up but rather to be persistent and consistent. It is all about experimenting and playing around with your content in order to discover how and where it works best. On Instagram and Facebook we are reviewing our statistics every week, to see what type of content made an impression and gained engagement. It is all about really knowing your content and target audience, to be able to improve. Don’t be afraid to be creative and try new things.yhp_3
One of the main challenges in the social media world today is standing out and capturing the attention of your audience. The consumers are bombarded with marketing everyday and the different newsfeeds are just getting longer and filled with marketing from different companies.

Therefore we think the idea behind Gaddr is brilliant. We are happy to be a part of this innovative platform, and we think this is the new future of being efficient in managing and overseeing social channels.

5. Better search engine rankings

Today SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an essential part of your marketing strategy, and if you are still not familiar with SEO this blog post is very well written and explains it really well. And to make sure your social profiles are easily findable, make yourself findable on Gaddr by having a unified profile for your brand. 

Gaddr @YourHappyPeriod to get all their social media content at all times and get to know when they expand to new social channels!

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