Blogger Spotlight: Fashion blogger Darko Lukac

Gaddr’s creative community is proudly represented by actors, musicians, gamers, bloggers, comedians and many talented social media stars. Today it is our pleasure to feature a fashion and lifestyle blogger Darko Lukac. He shared his thoughts on blogging and the importance of growing your social channels.

How important are social media for you? Why?

To be honest I really love Instagram, it’s part of my life. It is not only my job but also my passion and biggest inspiration. You can see the newest trends, what people are buying, what, or where others are eating – everything is on Instagram and you don’t have to read so much.

I prefer looking at the pictures. So the first thing first when I wake up: I have to check my Instagram. To see all the new pictures on my newsfeed.


What are your best practices of connecting to your blog readers?

One thing for sure is that my readers/followers love to see my outfits and I think that is the main reason for following me. Now I have also started posting more lifestyle pictures as well, showing my followers where I am, what I eat, different interiors/arhitecture and they seem to like those pictures as well. I love diversity!

How do you make sure your readers follow you on your other channels?

Beside my Instagram I only have my blog and of course my “private” Facebook. I’m not a huge fan of Twitter, Tumblr etc. So now I’m only focusing on those things – my blog and Instagram.

How do you benefit from growing all your social channels?

I started my Instagram as a hobby, and didn’t expect that much. I was regularly posting pictures of my outfits and then suddenly I was getting more and more followers, more and more brands wanted to work with me and now it’s pretty much my work – and I really, really love doing it!


What would it mean to you to have your followers access all your official channels & all content in one place?

That’s one of the reasons I post everything on my Instagram and blog since I prefer to have everything in one place and not all over the social media. I have OCD when it comes to what I want to post or say.

Find your inspiration for today’s outfit on Darko’s blog and let us know what you think about having a unified digital identity with a comment below.

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