Bloglovin’ Morgan Kaye: inside Influencer Industry

10 years after Bloglovin’ founders started the company at a Swedish garage and 10 million users later… We are now talking to their VP of Community and Support, Morgan Kaye!

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past years, you know Bloglovin’ as a platform that enables discovery of blogs from different content creators. 

The company is clearly an interesting player in the creative community, and we are thrilled to share Morgan’s take on the industry evolution and the future of online identity!

How has online identity changed in the past 3 years?

Online identity has changed drastically within the last three years. We’ve seen the emergence of new social platforms, along with new products within these platforms. This allows influencers to expand the ways in which they connect with their audiences.

The ability to receive immediate feedback is a game changer. It is instrumental in helping influencers succeed and is the reason why increasingly more money is being spent on influencer marketing. From Snapchat to Instagram Stories, there are now numerous ways brands can activate influencers. This, in turn, generates awareness and sales for their products. 

The emergence of these social platforms means that we can more specifically target a demographic, thus increasing the effectiveness of influencer marketing.

Lastly, with these new social products and capabilities, video is on the rise. Influencers no longer need to rely on YouTube and savvy editing skills in order to connect and create a video.

From a personalized identity perspective, influencers are opening up more. They share more and in turn connect more with their audiences. Which results in a highly engaged and impressionable following.


What is the future of online identity and influencer industry?

The online industry is evolving rapidly, it’s imperative we try to keep up and adapt.

I anticipate more social platforms to emerge, different types of influencers to surface, and more marketing dollars to be placed into influencer marketing. 

Anyone can now be an influencer or entrepreneur. Social Media is helping both big and small brands grow their customer base and direct-to-consumer efforts.

I also expect there to be additional restrictions on FTC guidelines and disclosures which will ultimately lead brands + influencers to think of more organic ways to work with one another. Collaboration will be key for successful campaigns.

How important is understanding people for connecting people, ideas and products?

Whether you’re a brand or influencer, it’s important to know your audience in order to connect with them on a deeper level. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to learn about your community. Just recently, with the integration of Instagram Polls, one is able to receive direct feedback from followers.

At Bloglovin’ we’ve started to implement polls as a way to connect and speak with our followers. It’s a great way to start an organic conversation, allowing us to hear what content they like, what they want to see more of etc.

When people feel connected to an influencer or brand, loyalty is created. There is nothing more valuable than cultivating this almost friendship-like bond. Creating this bond can be as simple as responding to comments and/or DM’s, but will engage followers in a deeper way. Engagement is everything!

What role does Bloglovin’ see in the future development of influencer industry?

Bloglovin’ has been working with influencers for more than 10 years now. Our deep relationship with content creators across all platforms has enabled us to evolve into a successful influencer marketing network. Overall, we want to help influencers succeed!

In the future, we will remain a top traffic referral source for influencers via our RSS feed, In addition, we will continue offering meaningful educational resources to our growing community of over 650K verified influencers. Most importantly, we will grow Activate by Bloglovin’, our influencer technology platform, which connects influencers and brands for custom content sponsorships.

In the coming months, we will also be offering more campaigns to influencers, along with launching new products for brands and agencies. I believe Bloglovin’ has and will continue to be a staple within the influencer community.

We are excited to see Bloglovin’ upcoming offers and thank Morgan for the chat!

Explore more of Bloglovin’ at and comment below with your thoughts on development of the influencer industry in the coming years.

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