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Keys to Success for Influencers: Consistency and Collaboration

As digital marketers find themselves struggling with keeping their brands up to date with social content demands, as the flux of new platforms, apps, and user-generated content will constantly force brands to re-design their public profile and their external communications to create real value, the question remains: How should social influencers engage with the digital customers? For Will McFadden, Chief Creative Officer at Collab, the answer seems clear: Consistency and collaboration are the key to sucess. In this interview, Will explains the changing role of the social media influencer within the globally connected culture, the key to successful growing a follower base, user-creator communication and the future of social media.

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“People are the heart of the Internet”: An interview with Monumetric

“We believe people are the heart of the Internet”, is the empowering slogan of MONUMETRIC, a full-service ad partner that strives to make a difference in creating outstanding solutions for website owners to do what they love profitably. Formerly known as The Blogger Network, Monumetric has expanded their services to all digital publishers and website owners.

GADDR wanted to know more about the people company and went out to interview Chelsea Carver, Community Manager at Monumetric.

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