Creator Spotlight: ANDOU, lifestyle blogger since age 12

Today we caught up with Gaddr-user Andrea, a lifestyle blogger and Instagrammer from Stockholm who combines studies with her passion for writing stories on her blog.

Andrea, now hosted by Devote, has been steadily growing her follower base since the age of 12, which is when she started blogging.

How important is blogging and social media for you?

For the biggest part, the role of social media is in getting a picture of what is happening in the world. For that matter, I am no different from a regular social media user… And I actually consider blogging simply as a hobby! The biggest focus for me is high school: I study Economics and that’s what I’m planning to pursue in the future!

With this being a hobby you have still developed extensive followership on your channels. How do you engage with your fans?

Ah in my opinion this is the hardest part!

I think you have to be very open and show your good sides, and connect based on common interests. You also have to let your readers know that you do not have a patronizing attitude towards them. It’s quite difficult to prove people you are not who they think you are when they build up their assumptions!


Cyber-bullying is sadly a growing phenomenon nowadays. What’s your attitude towards it?

I did not experience any kind of cyber hate so far. I get negative comments on my blog, but my Instagram has only positive feedback. Everybody loves me there!

In general, I think that you should have an open attitude and not reciprocate any negative reactions.

How do you convert your blog readers to your social channels? 

I have my blog name featured in my Instagram bio. I have more followers there than on my blog, and sometimes when I post a new picture, I include a CTA for my followers to continue reading my story on my blog, or to see more pictures of the outfit I was wearing on a certain day. And it works both ways. When I have a new blogpost, I include a call to action for Instagram, in case they want to check more of my daily activities.  These two are currently my favorite channels to communicate with my followers!

How beneficial is it for you to have all your profiles in one place? 

That is actually very great, because it means that I can get my Instagram followers, which are around 5000 people, to also check my other channels, such as my blog and Snapchat, which are not as popular as my Instagram at the moment.

Gaddr Andrea to get all her channels in one place and let us know what role social media play in your life! 🙌👊👇

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