Fredrika Akander: How to keep balance on social media

Gaddr creative community is proudly represented by actors, musicians, gamers, bloggers, comedians and other talented social media stars. This time we spoke with Fredrika Akander  Swedish creator based in Melbourne, Australia. Fredrika is known for her style, traveling tips and passion for yoga, and frankly she left us inspired! Fredrika shared her own take on recent trends and the plans to grow on social media.

What are the biggest social media trends that you have been part of in 2016?

I think content creation has blown up. I have seen such difference between collaborations where I simply promote and those where I actually create content for brands to use. This year I have done a lot of marketing campaigns that I haven’t even posted myself, so my followers have no idea about those.

I also think big part of 2016 for me has been InstaStories: it has been huge, and fans have picked up on that pretty quickly. When you tag someone in a story, you can get even more views and people interact more, especially because they are only up for 24 hours. Since I travel so much, I have most of my travelers in Europe, but I live in Australia. So I might regularly post pictures at 3am European time, but in InstaStories they are up there in the morning for followers when they wake up. I think that’s had huge effect on interaction.

How do you want to best make use of Social media in 2017?

So many ideas…I would really like to maximize impact with social media! I think there is so much you can do with media today, but it is so easy to get caught up in doing all these promotions. I would love to actually use the impact that I have for something good. Actually, I have studied International Development, which is my academic background – I have just finished my Master’s. In the future I would love to help charities, but I am not sure yet how it will take shape. I have worked as a consultant for charities before, and I know that they struggle with tight budgets, so they cannot afford to have a budget allocated to their social media presence. They also implement very traditional, old-fashioned PR strategies, which restrains them from reaching young people. 

What is your opinion about the recent news in social media? Such as Youtube’s changing algorithms for instance.

I should say it’s really bad. But it is not only the accounts on social media that are businesses, but the social media per se too. I really believe that as long as you keep true to yourself, it shouldn’t make much of a difference. I don’t know when the algorithm changed for Instagram, I didn’t notice much difference, and I don’t even have a big account. I have always stayed true to not posting anything I don’t believe in, or promoting brands I’m not actually using. I think my followers know that by now!

Of course you get less exposure when algorithms change, but the interaction that you have is still there, because you have a genuine relationship. It’s not about how many people you can reach with your post, it is how much impact you can have. And impact is not just quantity, it is quality. I can have a million followers, but if they are not a certain age group or actually caring about what I promote, then why does it matter? Changing algorithms is indeed bad for small businesses and influencers.But as long as you do your own thing and always tell the truth, it shouldn’t matter. Because your followers are loyal. For example, I am not interested in quantity: my goal is to produce good photos that brands are happy with and which followers appreciate.

What do you think about other platforms shutting down this year, i.e. Vine?

fredrika1I have never used any of those platforms, but I think it is important to not have a monopoly on something. The next big platform is going to come, and I don’t think that with Instagram this is it. As an influencer, it is important to think about creating a profile that works everywhere. It is easy to get caught up when you are doing something really well. For example, when I was living in London and studying really hard, all I had time to do was to post photos of braids.
And they did so well! They doubled my likes, people just loved it. And I could have easily kept going with just doing hair photos every day… But that’s not really my everyday life.

So it is important not to get caught up, because it is not transferable: you can’t use that everywhere. It is important to keep a balance and to be able to try out new platforms. If you ever choose to become an influencer, you have to accept whatever comes with being a public person. You might be doing really well only on one channel but your growth on other channels can be restricted. What happens when that one shuts down? You should really have this kind of global profile!

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