Gaddr partners with Stockholm Startup Weekend

23-25 September Gaddr partnered with Startup Weekend: everybody – participants, mentors, judges & other partners – connected around their passions for tech and gave life to a few great initiatives!

An event can become a great opportunity to communicate your authentic values and get participants connecting live. Naturally, social media – if curated right – can boost brand awareness during an event. Startup Weekend has done it right – and used Gaddr as their official networking platform.

Startup Weekend is a 54-hour hackathon, where people with backgrounds such as business, design and software/hardware development, meet to create startups during the weekend. As a Global concept that originated in 2007 in the USA, Startup Weekend promotes the entrepreneurship and the freedom to experiment with ideas – something that we at Gaddr truly support.

Projects of @swstockholm have a variety of themes and this weekend it was Internet of Things with the focus on ideas around today’s rising startup trends – food, health and wellness.

Teams’ vibes were incredible! Among the fascinating projects were Tasty Food Hub, Visibike, Health Foo, Sportbuddy and Skafferio.

Teams were discussing ideas with mentors

Teams are discussing ideas with mentors

Teams were listening to judges'criteria

Teams are listening to judges’ criteria

Some cool stuff created at Stockholm Startup Weekend

Creations brought to life at Stockholm Startup Weekend

The inspiring speakers included Bob Van Luijt at Google who talked on Big Data and API and among tech & marketing professionals mentoring teams were Weld’s @TomSoderlund, @MadeleineBlyth at Barclays Accelerator, @JosephM at City of Stockholm, Lunchback’s @JimmyZhao who is Startup Weekend Alumni and @DavidCox at Humans since 1982.

Mentors were introducing themselves

Mentors are introducing themselves

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Bob Van Luijt was talking about Big Data and API

Bob Van Luijt is talking about Big Data and API

The judges for this Startup Weekend were no other than Hyper Island’s Jenny Theolin, Things’ Magnus Melander and Flic’s Joacim Westlund. The project that impressed them most was the idea of a smart toothbrush that gathers data to update doctors on one’s health state. Several winning teams received tickets to the IOT Solution World Congress in Barcelona and the wireless Flic button.

Passion for your ideas is the core of Gaddr’s culture and we genuinely look forward to see how the Teams proceed with their ideas!

Make sure to gaddr @swstockholm and follow their upcoming startup events!

Francisco and the Gaddr Team,


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