Gaddr Ambassador Zipstar: The gamer community is very social!

There is very little of “what we know” in the social media industry. It is ever-changing and turbulent, with new niches and segments forming each year, yet has doubled its growth since 2010. One of such segments is formed by gamers – the $100 billion industry, which social media accommodate and support.

Ex Team SoloMid player Simon “Zimpstar” Hagert, has been involved in numerous startups within esports, including Naudrinks and Battleriff. In these, he worked extensively with influencer marketing within the esports & gaming segment.
We spoke with Simon again to gain his take on intersection between gaming & social media as well as get his perspeption of Gaddr Clubs.

How do you see gaming social media change now?

I think that there are more platforms emerging, Twitch and YouTube are now having several competitors.

Social media are already branching out, and there 10 different core platforms that people use daily. The main problem is streamlining attention to your fans and making sure people know where to find all your content. This is why Gaddr is great. Fans generally see all those icons and links in videos or Twitter bio, and it becomes harder to streamline the attention focus. With relation to Gaddr it is fantastic. You have gathered all your platforms in one portal that facilitates the process of finding you for your fans and turning more fans into your ambass

Furthermore, i really think people don’t realize the power of social media and the younger demographic that you deal with.

People have to understand that everything is more about personalities and less about the game. If you are a gamer, you have to make sure you share your opinions on important topics.

That is something that athletes do for example, and I compare gaming influencers to them as well. They are getting more outspoken about things other than gaming – instead of just looking in as spectators.

How do you think growth of social media has affected the gaming community?

I think the effect has been really good, and in general gaming is all about being connected. On social media it is so much easier to follow the gaming scene globally. Most gamers, especially Americans, are using Twitter. And gamers regularly spend the majority of their day in front of their phones and computers of course. The community is very social!

How do you think social media industry will change to accommodate the needs and rights of gamers?

There a few startups here in Gothenburg that are creating digital products that target gamers. iPlay is one of them for example. So there is this trend that people are connected within this specific industry.

What are the biggest problems that influencers face now?

I recently read an academic article about influencer marketing that had a few unprecedented things, which I realized because I worked with influencers before. It is hard to get expected ROI from influencer marketing in gaming if you are shotgunning. You might really get a very different return depending on different segments within gaming. For example, Smite community differs a lot from the community of League of Legends. And in general, gamers are quite sceptical and difficult to impress, which differs from lifestyle segments for example.

What is your take on latest social media news, for example YouTube’s changing algorithms and the increasing difficulty to consistently monetize on social media?

I don’t think it’s up to YouTubers to tell YouTube how to run it. The videos that YouTubers post are actually annoying. If you have 50 million subscribers like PewDiePie, you have to understand that they churn over time due to different factors. People are changing their tastes, and this is quite relevant if your demographic is growing for example. Some of YouTubers’ complaints are uncalled for!

What value do you see in having influencer communities like Gaddr Clubs? 

It is a cool idea, such a good concept! Especially in gaming, it is so important to engage and give something back to fans. On Twitch people are donating huge amounts of money to creators. With this of course, creators should have in mind that what they give has to match the price.

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What is your take on the gamer segment & how the influencer industry is changing?

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