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Make sure people find you everywhere and get the best out of your Gaddr profile.

The first thing that you should do is to connect your favorite identities to your Gaddr profile. This can be your music identities (Spotify, SoundCloud etc), social identities (IG, Twitter, Pinterest etc) and video identities ( YouTube, Twitch, Snapchat & more). Make sure that you are connected with the people around you by Gaddring them to connect everywhere.

How to add your profiles:

It’s very easy! Visit your Gaddr profile, choose ‘Add profiles’ and pick the channels that you want to connect, such as Instagram, Facebook, Runkeeper etc.

After you’ve selected just make sure to auto-connect the channels or add your channel’s username.

Now that your Gaddr Profile has all your channels (and you’ve double-checked that you chose the right ones), it’s time to make sure people know where to find all your content.

Place your Gaddr link in your social bios, put the username & the logo at the end of YouTube videos & in other visuals, and start mentioning it in live streams and in person. 

Fill out your About page to share the info that you want others to see about you. By filling your interests and background, you let your surrounding understand you better. Whether those are recruiters, friends or brands looking for creators.

There are tons of things that you can do on Gaddr:

  • Explore & find billions of users (friends, celebrities, fans). All their identities & all their content in one place.
  • You can add all your Gaddr’d people and posts into lists. Such as friends, colleagues, favorite entertainers or music bands

Having all your identities in one place and sharing your Gaddr profile online and in person (events, parties & meetings) will increase your traffic across all your channels.

By going to your Insight page you check all the traffic and attention that you get across all your channels. Control and analyze how well you are growing online.

How does your usage of Gaddr Profile in Instagram bio or at the end of YouTube videos affect your conversion to all channels? What changes if you start mentioning it in your live streams? Which are your best performing channels? How do channel metrics change over time? What interests do your ultimate followers have, and where do they come from?

You gain Insight into everything on all your channels, and how your online performance changes over time.

Enter Gaddr now and start improving improve your online persona.

Now every time that you share your Gaddr Profile in your videos, bios, live streams, or when meeting your friends they will always find everything from you in one place.
Add once, add everywhere.

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