How to build professional relationships

Under spotlight today is Gaddr user and partner Lunchback – the platform that upgrades your professional network by connecting you to other people over lunch. A natural fit for the social media industry, both Lunchback and Gaddr are helping to make it easier to connect in the ever-changing digital environment.

We spoke with their CEO and Founder Jimmy Zhao about the ecosystem that Lunchback is part of and the problem that it is solving.15271687_10154592652205259_1546995230_o

What is Lunchback?

Lunchback helps you to achieve your goals by providing a networking action plan.

What did users do before they had Lunchback?

People asked their family and friends for help with connections. Meetups and mingle events were the place to meet new professionals.

How does Lunchback gives user value?

Lunchback is based on LinkedIn profile. User can select target on Lunchback connected to their specific needs. No need to waste time on these events hoping to get quality connections. User can search the specific skill set, company, location and title. With the premium function Lunchback Magic, user could even outsource their professional networking task to us. All they have to do is say yes at the beginning of each week. Lunchback Magic will deliver a match based on their goals and set up lunch for them on Thursday that week.


Why is Lunchback & Gaddr important in today’s industry?

The common in Lunchback and Gaddr is that they simplify complicated and time-consuming tasks. Gaddr is the aggregator tool that helps user to combine all their social media into one. Lunchback is a match-maker for professionals that helps user to navigate in their professional networking.

What is your background pre-Lunchback?

I studied computer science in Uppsala. Worked as software engineer in Ericsson. And co-founded 2 companies before Lunchback.

What will Lunchback be in 5 years?

Lunchback would be expanding to the major cities all over the world and become a tool for professional networking.

How do users best start with Lunchback?

First of all, make sure that you have a good LinkedIn profile so that people may want to connect with you. Then you can search skillset, company, title and different categories to fine-tune your target audience. After you pick the right lunch mate, simply send a lunch request. I would recommend you to start your first lunch experience as soon as possible – that is when you realise the value of networking over lunch. The goal is to build relationships, not connections!

Gaddr Lunchback and comment below with your best tips on building your personal and professional network.

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