How to Create & Engage in Gaddr Clubs


A Gaddr Club is a micro community you create to share exclusive content with Club members.
As a Club owner, you decide who and what is posted. Whether it is texts, questions that others can answer, videos, images etc.

You also decide if members have to pay for entering your Club.


Shape it as you want it to be!

You can choose:

  • The topic: Fan club, help desk, a place to discuss sports/fitness/recipes/inspiration, community page for your brand or project etc.
  • The interface: profile and cover picture, exclusive name and tags so everyone can easily find your Club
  • The rules: Who can join, who can post and what they can post (only questions, videos, texts, etc).
  • Membership: by request or open for everyone.
  • Monetize it: set up a price point on memberships for your Club. Earn money for hosting a club and sharing premium content for members. Provide them with something exclusive they can’t access on your other channels.

Possibilities are endless in how you want to your Club to be.


Go to your Clubs & Create new, give it a name, a description, profile and banner pictures. Make sure to invite everyone to join it. in your YouTube videos or in social media posts, mention it in stream, or visualize the invite in an image. Share it in personal messages if you want the club limited to certain people.

The more updates, giveaways, questions, quizzes you make, the more engaged your Club will be. If you want your public Club to gain extra exposure, tell Gaddr Support.

To create your Club and engage with Clubs of others, enter Gaddr now and start improving your online persona.

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