How to grow with Gaddr

The biggest strength with having a Gaddr Profile is the opportunity to grow across all of your channels. Gaddr users gain up to 15x higher channel metrics than before they started actively using it.

The best ways to use Gaddr is across all your communications. The more you combine your Gaddr usage through different channels, the more attention you will get.

Cross Communications

If you are a Youtuber you can mention your Gaddr as well as show it off as overlays on your video outros, in your bios and your Twitter communications.

Make sure that you use your entire social range to bring your Gaddr to your fans. You make it easy for them to find You and all your content. 

Be consistent

Make sure that you keep mentioning your Gaddr Profile in everything that you create.

This improves loyalty and engagement from your audience and helps them always know where to find you and how to interact with you. The more consistent you are with communicating your one Online Identity, the more longterm growth you will see on all your channels.

Enter Gaddr now and start improving your online persona.

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