How to make the best of Gaddr Insight

We know you work on creating quality content. We know you want your fans to like, share, comment, refer – get active as part of your community. Bringing you joy, earnings and growth.

Gaddr Insight is part of your Gaddr to help you base your decisions on data and drive your content and community in the right direction.

Tracking analytics on separate channels is tedious and time-consuming. It also makes less sense if you want to scale as content creator and to have the bandwidth to create on any platform you choose in the future.

Gaddr not only helps you to grow your social traffic up to 15 times and to provide your fans with one place for all your content, but it also gives you active data of how you are performing online. Holistic evaluation of your online social performance.

Multiple metrics for each channel

Gaddr Insight makes it easier to keep a track of all your channel analytics.

You get overtime unique and total digest of your audience on each channel, including multiple performance indicators.

The profiles are evaluated independently of each other and are comprehensive in nature.

Conversion analysis

Use this to track the traffic you get from your Gaddr to all your social channels.

Every time you mention your Gaddr in your YouTube video, in a livestream or post, you keep track of how well those activities convert to cross-channel traction.

A/B test multiple visuals, different ways to activate fans to gaddr you – and optimize the tactics that work best with your audience. Bringing you higher conversion rate and more traffic to all your channels.

Benchmark: Successful creators gain 15x increase in their traffic by communicating Gaddr to their audience.

Cross-follower persona

As opposed to platform-specific audience insight that you use on your regular channels, on Gaddr Insight you view your audience holistically.

You do see your followers as people, not Twitter users, right? Good, here you capture the interest and location analysis of your fan base regardless of what social media they use. (The platforms you  use don’t have to intersect with what they use.)

On your Insight you also keep track of changes in your G-score. G-score is the indicator of your online influence which changes with the growth and engagement in your fan base and looks something like this.

How important are social analytics for you, and what use you make of Gaddr Insight? Share your comment below for a chance to get featured in upcoming articles.

Enter Gaddr now: explore people & content, and grow with unified identity for all your social profiles.

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