How to use Gaddr on channels

The biggest strength by having all of your profiles in one place is that you can increase the conversion from one particular channel to all your channels with all your content.

Thousands of creators, influencers and brands worldwide are using Gaddr in their videos, social bios, live streams and images.

In videos you can place your Gaddr name and logo with your other icons or by itself.

The more visible your Gaddr name is the more people can find you and the more traffic you get.

When you mention your Gaddr name on your videos, your profile gets 3x more cross-traffic on average. Mention your username it at the beginning, middle or end of the video to make sure everyone finds you, everywhere.


Gaddr also works excellent on posters, so every time you promote yourself online or when you print out flyers or have promo campaigns you always get one username that you can place everywhere.

Easy to find = easy to follow


For all of your bios, twitter links or IG bios.

IG bios, Twitter links and chatbots are an excellent way for you to show off your Gaddr username and link together to make sure that with just one link people find you everywhere and you drive more traffic to all your profiles.

Click here to get the Gaddr logo for material in your videos and other visuals!

The more places where you use your Gaddr username, the more traffic and connections you’ll get.
Enter Gaddr now and start improving your online persona.

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