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GADDR asked industry leaders for their take on social media trends and the problem that Gaddr is solving – unifying creator’s own digital identity in one place to easily be found and followed across all channels. This article is part of the Social Media Trends series focusing on expert opinions of social media industry leaders and professionals within influencer marketing.

With over 20 years of experience in communications, Danica Kombol, founder of Everywhere Agency, shared what it’s like to be part of a leading social media and influencer marketing firm.

What types of influencers does Everywhere work with?

We work with influencers from all different areas of expertise: lifestyle, fashion, food, technology, and parenting.  We have a curated group of influencers who are members of Everywhere Society, our in-house network of influencers. It’s a group of 3,000 bloggers and social media influencers who have amassed audiences on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook by creating amazing, relevant content. We happen to love micro-influencers because they have sway over very specific audiences – they may not be a celebrity, but they’re beloved by their niche community. Our influencers really love working with us, and vice versa, because we focus on America’s wholesome brands, and the opportunities we bring them are services and products that they would naturally write about.


How do social media influencers change the culture globally?

Word-of-mouth used to be limited to a geographic region, right? In order to have “word of mouth,” you had to have two people standing side-by-side talking to one another. Today, the stage for “word of mouth” is social media. I love the way a fashion Instagrammer in Pittsburgh can connect with a fashion Instagrammer in Prague. Social media allows for people to communicate across cultures and across regions with shared passions.

What would be your advice for creators who are starting to grow their channels?

My primary advice is to focus first on the content and secondly on the growth of your channels. Write and create what you love. To focus solely on growth is disingenuous, and your followers will read into that as a kind of desperation on your part. You don’t become influential because you’re “trying” to become influential. Influence happens when you are sharing thoughts, opinions, and visual elements that people want to interact with. There’s an information explosion going on right now, and people are looking for content that matters. While you’re creating content and building a community, take the time to get to know your audience. Foster a dialogue, ask questions, and seek insights.  When you’re looking at growing your audience, it’s really about growing a community. You use the same tactics that you do for growing any community – you get to know them, listen to them, talk to them, and find out what they like and don’t like.


How do you think influencers can solve the problem of cross-platform conversion?

Influencers are trailblazers and usually their devoted community will follow them to new platforms.  However, I always caution, don’t jump into a trending social media platform just because it’s the new, shiny thing! Influencers need to play in the lane that makes sense for them. Create content where you love creating content and where your audience spends the most time. You can’t force your audience to follow you into a new platform like Snapchat if they don’t want to. 


How do you imagine social media landscape to progress in the upcoming 3 years?

I think we will continue to see more of an emphasis on videos and less emphasis on the printed word. Snapchat has proven that people crave visual stories. I love the 10-second sequencing nature of Snapchat – it allows viewers to get a glimpse of the entire experience quickly. Facebook ranks videos higher than other types of content, and I expect we will see even more emphasis on this in the future. Look at Facebook live, where you can push a button and share what you’re doing with your entire community! So, visual story-telling already rules the landscape and will continue to lead the way.

Gaddr is part of the solution to connecting all social media in one place. Establishing the platform that helps to unify digital identity of social media creators, we let followers access all creators’ content in one place and add them on all their channels within a few seconds.

Find out more about Everywhere Agency here and comment below with your thoughts on what’s new and rising in social media!

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