“People are the heart of the Internet”: An interview with Monumetric

“We believe people are the heart of the Internet”, is the empowering slogan of MONUMETRIC, a full-service ad partner that strives to make a difference in creating outstanding solutions for website owners to do what they love profitably. Formerly known as The Blogger Network, Monumetric has expanded their services to all digital publishers and website owners.

GADDR wanted to know more about the people company and went out to interview Chelsea Carver, Community Manager at Monumetric.

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Youtuber BattlefrontUpdates

The man behind BattleFrontUpdates: Interview with Elliot

We’re proud to feature Gaddr-user Elliot – a Youtube creator of Star Wars game videos that inspire hundreds of thousands of his fans. Elliot was creating Youtube gaming videos for 2 years before clearing his focus on news and how-to’s of Star Wars games along with the launch of the Star Wars: Battlefront. And it’s now almost a year of tremendous growth of his channel BattlefrontUpdates.

We were curious about Electronic Arts, DICE’s Battlefront, United Screens and much more – read up on Elliot’s perspective on gaming & social!

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Gaddr partners with Stockholm Startup Weekend

23-25 September Gaddr partnered with Startup Weekend: everybody – participants, mentors, judges & other partners – connected around their passions for tech and gave life to a few great initiatives!

An event can become a great opportunity to communicate your authentic values and get participants connecting live. Naturally, social media – if curated right – can boost brand awareness during an event. Startup Weekend has done it right – and used Gaddr as their official networking platform.

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