“People are the heart of the Internet”: An interview with Monumetric

This article is the first in the Social Media Trends series focusing on expert opinions of social media industry leaders and professionals within influencer marketing. GADDR talked with industry leaders for their take on social media trends and the problem that Gaddr is solving – unifying creators’ own digital identity in one place to be easier found and followed across all channels. 

“We believe people are the heart of the Internet”, is the empowering slogan of MONUMETRIC, a full-service ad partner that strives to make a difference in creating outstanding solutions for website owners to do what they love profitably. Formerly known as The Blogger Network, Monumetric has expanded their services to all digital publishers and website owners.

GADDR wanted to know more about the people company and went out to interview Chelsea Carver, Community Manager at Monumetric.

How do you think bloggers differ from other social publishers?

Bloggers have been around longer and have been blogging since the beginning of the Internet. Their job is kind of a one-man show: creating content for their site, designing images, marketing, accounting, and monetizing their sites all on their own. They are really well-rounded and in fact amaze us all with their knowledge every day!

How do you think social media influencers and publishers will change the globally connected culture?

Bloggers definitely have a huge impact on culture. We’ve seen hands down how publishers really influence their readers because people really listen to what they write about. We have found that their readers trust what they are saying more than they trust other media.

How do you see Monumetric publishers overcoming the challenge to convert their fans across different social channels?

Every blogger struggles with that, and all of them would jump on an opportunity to make it easier. I think the key is that it should be easy for their readers to access their content.

How do you imagine social media changing  in the next  10 years? How can creators make use of the changing trends?

Nobody really knows. Of course, social media will continue to grow and change in the next  10 plus years. Livestream video is very popular with our bloggers now. I can see videos getting big in the future and I can see how social media is incorporating and adopting this trend more and more. There is so much out there! My hope for social media is that new innovations will emerge to enable ease in posting and creating transferable content across all platforms, making their content easier to find on all publishing platforms!

Gaddr is part of the trend Chelsea sees to grow. Establishing the platform that helps to unify digital identity of social media creators, we let followers access all creators’ content in one place and add them on all their channels within a few seconds.

Read more of Monumetric’s opinions on their blog and comment below with your opinion on what distinguishes bloggers among social creators!

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