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Emil Petersson is the Founder and Owner of Stories of Apparel Creation. The mission of SOAC is to illuminate fashion from independent fashion brands by conveying their ethos through film, photo and events. In his second guest blogpost on GaddrStories Emil shares his take on the effect of social media on the fashion industry. 

Fashion have by tradition been somewhat a closed-off industry for its customers. For outsiders by insiders some sort. And customers are dying to be a part of this world of nearly mythical proportions.

However somewhere along the way came the smart phone and with it social media. All of a sudden everything was available for the larger audience, which has caused quite a stir in the fashion industry to say the least.

Gaddr #2BWith information available at a moment’s notice, It has gone so far that fashion labels are now changing their whole production cycle to accommodate this new time of immediacy. Fashion have proudly presented themselves as an industry that knows what the customer wants without them even knowing it themselves. But with the fashion wheel spinning faster and faster, the power is in the hands of the customer. The jig is up.

Once upon a time the runway was a closed event for buyers and press only, where the end customer only could learn what was coming through ads and PR. Now the catwalk show have become a moment to Instagram, live stream, snapchat and share with the world. Social media has become such a powerful force to be reckon with that it nowadays can bend entire industries to its will. Brands are now experimenting by asking the customers which products should go into production and which should be dropped, creating super extravagant shows hoping that it will generate buzz in the social media sphere and creating their own organic content.Gaddr #2A

It has resulted into a divided industry where major players are either holding on to their traditions or adapting to a new way of doing business. We are standing in front of an enormous paradigm shift, with no one really knowing which way to go. More and more players are starting to realize though that engagement is the true way of social media, as opposed to acting all high and mighty with their huge follower bases. This provides transparency, credibility and authenticity to a brand, and that is how we can attract die hard loyal customers, isn’t it?

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