Spotlight: Gaddr Ambassador Simon Hagert

Gaddr Ambassador Simon Hagert first became know as Team SoloMid’s player by his gamename ”Zimpstar”. Since his gaming career Simon has been involved in  influencer marketing in a number of startups within esports, like Naudrinks and Battleriff.

We asked Simon about his work within esports & gaming, his future growth plans and his take on Gaddr.

How have you gone about starting a career in e-sports?

I have always been into games. Early on there were people who were willing to pay me to play on their accounts. So I started by playing World of Warcraft on other people’s account. 

And from then on it has been a combination of being good in the game and an ambitionI am a competitive person in general!

What was the turning point for your career?

The turning point was when we came 4th in the World Championship. I realized that I didn’t want to play anymore. Instead I wanted to be behind the scenes and work with the business aspect of it.

I am now getting my Bachelor degree in International Business and I’m planning to do an MBA. Eventually I want to be in the e-sports industry, but I will not play anymore.


What do you feel is your biggest passion in life?

This may sound corny, but I think it’s self-fulfillment. I believe in learning things and becoming really good in something. I didn’t really understand the importance of education when I was younger.

What was your favorite project when you were working with influencer marketing?

That was probably when we set up a big event with huge Twitch streamers and YouTubers – some of the biggest streamers in the world. It was really fun to work with them, understand how they work, what the expect and get their perspective on projects. Whenever I see someone their size doing something commercial, I clearly see how much work and resources are put into it.

I also learnt how much impact you can generate if influencer marketing is done right.gaming

What would be the perfect place for you when you are done with your studies?

I think there a few levels to it. If you move away form publishers and game developers, there is the rank of organizations and companies that market towards influencers.

When I get my MBA I’d like to work in a company where gamers are the biggest segment. And I believe my insight and education can really make me an attractive candidate for this kind of a managerial position. 

What is it you like most in the Gaddr concept? 

I know that people want things faster – I’ve seen it. You want to do everything on the go! And Gaddr is a good way of skipping process of finding people.

If I’m a fan of PewDiePie, I want to follow him anywhere. I want to go to one place instead of trying to find him on separate channels, and I want know that these are his official profiles.

From a business point of view, if you are working with influencer marketing, the biggest challenge is to assess of the potential reach of campaigns. We had to make our own database, and finding people was a nightmare. Gaddr in that sense really facilitates the process of finding influencers.

From influencer standpoint, Gaddr streamlines my followers to all my profiles. The reason why you don’t have an even distribution of followers across channels is mostly that people are not being able to find you. If you use Gaddr, it is easier to spread followers evenly on all your channels. So it is really a win-win no matter who you are. 

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