GADDR asked industry leaders for their take on social media trends and the problem that Gaddr is solving – unifying creator’s own digital identity in one place to easily be found and followed across all channels. This article is part of the Social Media Trends series focusing on expert opinions of social media industry leaders and professionals within influencer marketing. 

Since the establishment of BlogDash in 2011, its mission has been to help brands and bloggers through outreach. Focusing on creating rapport with audiences and brands, in order to increase brand awareness and positive attention, BlogDash’s services center around connecting brands or companies with the right target bloggers, ensuring a perfect match.

Interested in their goal to change standards of blogger outreach, we spoke to Ana Maria De La Cruz, a content media specialist and VP Bloggers’ Relations at BlogDash for her expert opinion on blogging trends, cross-platform follower conversion and the digital identity of bloggers.

What is your biggest advice to bloggers who are starting to grow their social channels?

Bloggers should write about what they really love and are passionate about. You do transfer your passion to your readers through your writing and that is what triggers them to follow your journey.


How do you see bloggers facing the problem to convert their readers from their blogs to their social channels?

The issue is that many bloggers create several social media channels and in a way they get lost. That is sometimes because they don’t have the experience to manage all social media accounts or don’t have the time to do it. The first thing to do is to see where your readers are and what social networks they use. Create an account on those channels and communicate with your readers from there. Try to speak their language.

untitled-design-18What do you think is lacking in today’s media that would help creators improve upon their digital identity?

Unique content for the readers. To be on the top Google ranking is the ultimate goal of many digital identities and they forget the most important thing: people! The most important thing is to write for your target audience. If readers like your content, search engines will follow.

How do you help your creators develop their social media and grow their follower base?

With good and unique content done for the readers. If they learn something from your writing, they share it.

How do you imagine social media landscape to progress in the next 3 years? What new trends do you expect to emerge globally and locally?

Social media will become more real: people will use more live video where they broadcast what they’re doing on-the-go and in-the-moment, instead of designing content and publishing it later. Social media will become Social Reality Platforms. Fast Internet connection and smartphones are making this much easier.

Gaddr is part of the solution to connecting audiences across social channels. Establishing the platform that helps to unify digital identity of social media creators, we let followers access all creators’ content in one place and add them on all their channels within a few seconds.

Learn more about Ana Maria here and comment below with your thoughts on the changing social media reality.

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