Top 3 Things Content Creators Need to Grow

I worked as a Global Community Manager at Electronic Arts for the past three years with franchises like Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge. During my time at the company, I had the pleasure to meet many passionate content creators from all over the world. Some of them able to work with creating content full-time, others were slowly getting there. Whenever someone asks me, what the ‘secret sauce’ is to becoming successful, these following things is what I usually bring up:

Be fan-centric

Some of the most successful companies in the world have a common obsession—they want to understand their customers, even more than the customers understand themselves. Building a community around you and your content is no different. It all start with your passion for creating and sharing what you love doing, whether it’s playing games or traveling the world. Somewhere, at the other side, is someone who finds whatever you create interesting. Once they’re hooked, it’s all about continuing to foster your relationship with that person. If you want people to become advocates of what you do, then you need to frequently interact with them. Ask a lot of questions, but listen more than you talk. Demonstrate clearly how you’re taking their feedback to your heart and what you’re doing with it. Having a genuine connection to your fans will help you to understand what kind of content they think is hot and what sucks.

Now, I’d advise you to try out Gaddr. It’s a way of making it easier for fans to connect with you. Creators are already using Gaddr to make it easier for their fans to engage with all of their content — across all social channels. And, one of the additional benefits of using it, is that you’ll see a more even growth across your all channels, instead of only one getting all the love.

Be structured

This is the first stepping stone for anyone that wants to become successful at something. It’s not a cliché nor or a worn-out advice you should ignore. If you’re not structuring your work, you’ll end up doing tons of things that won’t move you closer to your goals. Setting goals and having a plan should be a top priority for you. It doesn’t have to be complex. Get a paper and a pen if you need to. Write down where you’d like to be in a few months, or a year—then break it down into smaller pieces, helping you to understanding how you’ll get there.

Having a plan will help you immensely in deciding what you should spend time on and what you should cut from the list. There are even people writing to-not-do list, as a reminder of things that’ll eat up time and are virtually worthless doing.  

Be data-driven

Plenty of bad decision have been made based on gut feelings and guesswork alone. As someone that spends hundreds, or even thousands of hours per year working with creating content, you want to be open to failing—but also make sure that you’re making important decisions, based on data. If you have a YouTube channel for example, then it’ll be crucial for you to look at things such as the audience retention report. It’ll tell you where people chose to tune out in your video. This can help you to create better content in the future.

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