We Heart It’s Community Queen shares inspiration

We are continuing to tell stories of companies behind 140 social platforms supported on Gaddr. So today we are sharing a virtual coffee table with yet another fantastic Community Manager. This time, it is none other than Outi Mäkiaho, head of community and content at We Heart It!

outi mäkiaho we heart itAfter you’ve been on We Heart It for a minute, you notice her. Sharing beautiful autumn outfits, gift tips or words of motivation, and talking talking talking… to a lot of people.

We couldn’t wait to get her take on community building, personal growth and how the Internet is shaping us. And quite honestly, after the interview we were left hearting Outi too.

How do you see your role at We Heart It?

We Heart It logoI started here in February 2015 as Finnish community coordinator, and in February this year I started with the social team too. My role is mainly to inspire users and to find good content to spread around our sources.

How would you describe WHI community?

Our audience is on We Heart It because it’s fun and inspiring. Think of it as a sort of diary: it is daily writing and dreaming. You’re engaging with others, and you are really passionate about how you express yourself!We Heart It

On the platform you can also write articles and engage with multiple lifestyle brands: if you like something you see, you can just buy it. We are actually receiving daily positive feedback from brands too, it looks like they see the results in their sales. The main thing to decide is if the product suits the community. If it does, it will have engagement.

One of the things brands do on the platform is writing articles about their products. People are really engaging with this kind of content, and you can link them directly to your showroom, driving more traffic and sales.

How do you think online identity is recently developing?

There are so many novelties coming up from all possible sides, allowing people to show different sides of their personalities too. I also think people seem to focus a little bit more on privacy. They are more careful about what they


are posting, and why. Some people are on every social platform, others pick their favorites.

I feel like in the future there will be even bigger focus on security. At We Heart It we can see that people like to share thoughts freely, as long as they are still behind the avatar.

And I think it is really important that interpersonal connectivity is growing in capacity. We can easier find each other, and share knowledge about trends, events, products and anything else. I believe that helps us to better understand each other, and that is such a key point in human development. I am glad that we at We Heart It play a role in that, growing a community where people are encouraged to exchange ideas and express themselves.

How do you get inspired as a team at We Heart It?

We are so driven, and focus on what we are good at! I believe that’s the most important thing. We have creatives, but also team members with a different range of skills. One of our routines that I enjoy is brainstorming. We love participating in events and learning from each other. Everyone is constantly reading… You know, all those things combine our way to grow as a team.


I personally also ask a lot, it is all about being open and curious! I am always trying to envision collaborations and events, and always listen to our community,

“Openness, curiosity, and listening – these are the 3 factors I use to grow.”

Sometimes we need a bit of extra inspiration, and at other times we are happy to share beauty with others. Are you in any of those (and have not tried We Heart It already)? Give it a go.

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As always, comment below with your thoughts on Outi’s words of inspiration and tips of how you usually get inspired!

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