What it means to be Gaddr Ambassador?

Gaddr Vision

Engage with any person & post with a unified social  identity.

Make money & grow your community in Clubs.

Get inspired by Collections of content & Lists of people.

Track analytics across all platforms.

Among Gaddr Core Values:

  • Help people connect across all profiles
  • Make it easy for talents & creators to grow
  • Empowering end user to create & consume content
  • Opening the landscape for developers
  • Stopping fake news
  • Fighting content bubbles & algorithm-driven content discovery

“We want to built a paradise for creators, brands and their audience” – Gaddr Founder & CEO Francisco.

Among Gaddr upcoming Projects:

  • Unified identity in Virtual Reality
  • Artificial intelligence products within online identity
  • Influencer awards & tournaments
  • Charity projects with Global partners

Being a Gaddr Ambassador

You are an important part of Gaddr!

We treat our Ambassadors with care & want to help you contribute as well as gain exposure to our partners & creator-users.

You obtain the Ambassador status by spreading Gaddr in your exclusive ways in videos, images and blog posts.

We reward Ambassadors who surprise us most with their reach, engagement & creativity with giveaways from our partner brands, events & services in gaming, lifestyle & tech.

Perks with #GaddrAmbassadors Community

  • Exclusive giveaways from brands, events & partners
  • Higher share of payouts on Gaddr Clubs
  • Part of Gaddr Ambassadors Club: connect to other Ambassadors, share knowledge on how to be better Ambassadors together & collaborate on projects
  • Updates, streams & webinars by the creators of Gaddr at Social Profile
  • Spotlights, interviews, extra attention in other Gaddr Clubs & social channels
  • First demos of big updates
  • Have personal chats with us at Social Profile & visit our HQ in Stockholm (Sweden) to meet us & play/record in our in-house VR studio
  • Previews of upcoming events & opportunities to get involved in.

How great Ambassadors work

  • Spread Gaddr in your exclusive way
  • Followers
  • Media networks
  • Events
  • In content
  • Private circle
  • University
  • Create content with us.

Show us your own ways to optimize your positive impact of being Gaddr Ambassador. We love to get surprised by such things!

Apply to be Gaddr Ambassador HERE. 


Olena Rogozina

Head of Growth & Communication


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