What to expect from Nordics’ biggest FIFA tournament

We are 2 weeks ahead of Gaddr’s Partner event tropSe – the biggest FIFA tournament in Scandinavia.

Today we spoke with its Founder Alexis Piippo about ideas behind the event, reasons why gamers connect, and his take on Gaddr.

When and why did you decide to start tropSe?

We started up a little more than a year ago with the idea to be an esports agency for professional FIFA players. To help them deliver consistently, and facilitate them with personal development, branding and everything in-between.

While FIFA gameplay has been growing heavily on Twitch, we saw that within esports FIFA has not received that kind of attention. So we decided to focus on that.FIFA

The only problem was that there was not so many tournaments to send players to. So we used this momentum to create the largest FIFA tournament in Scandinavia, and now we can direct FIFA players to something that is our own. As you see, our approach to esports is quite holistic.

Apart from esports athletes who focus on professional gameplay, we work with the other type of influencers – entertainers. Those whose content you follow because they not only play well but are also fun to watch. That is how we started the tropSe Team, which now consists of 7 most capable influencers in Sweden.

What are the expectations before the tropSe event on January 28th?15995375_10158125044265434_1371628681_n

Expectations are huge, and I’m slightly nervous to fuck it up. There are really big hopes for the event and I’m pretty certain the event will be great for all participants!

I hope everybody sees we have been working really hard just to make this happen and make the sport even bigger than it is at the moment. And that we actually care!

How important do you think it is for gamers to stay connected?

I think the only way you as a gamer get any important information is by staying connected. All gamers are interconnected, and you need more and more information to play.

You have been playing a lot yourself, what is the best part of it for you?

A lot to win, a lot to lose. I have always been competitive! It is hard work if you want to be a pro, but if you just want to compete there is a chance to get competitive quite quickly. 

How do you think Gaddr best helps gamers and streamers?

It is so obvious for streamers: you really get a chance to connect with all followers on all platforms quickly.

For gamers Gaddr makes it easier to engage with fans, since they get all profiles in one place and don’t have to try finding you everywhere.

Gaddr Alexis & tropSe’s entertainers, and stay in tune with us for the end of January when we’ll share updates right from the tropSe tournament!

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