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GADDR asked industry leaders for their take on social media trends and the problem that Gaddr is solving – unifying creator’s own digital identity in one place to easily be found and followed across all channels. This article is part of the Social Media Trends series focusing on expert opinions of social media industry leaders and professionals within influencer marketing.

#ARM Digital is a digital consulting company that believe in nurturing loyalty and quality relationships between brands and consumers. We spoke with their Co-founder & MD Ritesh Singh for their take on digital media industry.

What are the biggest trends you see in social media at the moment? Both globally and locally in India?

Social media is not social media anymore. That is the biggest trend. Behaviors differ from one platform to another. When we design strategies for our customers, we don’t use a classic social media strategy but an X-platform strategy. And I believe that at the moment content marketing is catching fire, having gained more importance with brands and agencies. I think this is one of the big changes: content marketing is going up. AI is also gaining momentum, and here in India we still have to find the right method when it comes to AI.

How is the Indian social media market different from other markets?

I don’t think it differs very much. Maybe sarcasm can differ in popularity from one country to another, due to cultural differences. Humour does work globally, and this is one content genre leading the charge in any country. For example, when I was traveling to Tallin from Stockholm on a cruise with my family, my 1.5-year-old son was watching YouTube videos in English. Meanwhile, Finnish children sitting beside us enjoyed the videos too, although they only spoke Finnish. The idea is that people worldwide consume content regardless of its language.

Brands are starting to look at content in this manner too: creating content which is locally relevant but has a global reach.

You focus on a wide variety of things for your clients at #ARM Digital, from social media management to building brand awareness. Do you also work with social media influencers?

#ARM Digital as an organization does three things: digital marketing, digital PR and content marketing. Three key things. However, as far as digital PR and content marketing are concerned, we do work with different influencers as well. One of our Co-founders Honey has actually been a blogger himself since 2005, and he was in fact one of the first bloggers in the country at that time.

With him on our side, we could understand creators from a very different perspective. Because he is acquainted to the blogging insights, he has collaborated with brands, and has also been working as a consultant for bloggers. So Honey’s background in blogging and mine in branding helps us efficiently facilitate communication for both parties. If you take a look at our recent work, you can notice a campaign for an Indian tea company, TEAME, and we sent a 4 year supply of green tea to Donald Trump, at the Trump Towers, before the election. The idea was to “cleanse yourself”, which was basically a dual message. We shot the entire video from packaging to delivery at the Trump Towers. Once it was done, the content was ready. The next step was to get the message forward, through the US influencers on any platform, reaching thus thousands of social media users.teafortrump

What do you think about the cross-conversion of followers when it comes to influencers?

I don’t think there is a right way to make cross-conversion easy. We like to experiment with every new platform that we come across in order to see how things are moving forward and to see if they can benefit our influencers. If an influencer has followers on various channels, from Facebook to Snapchat, they tend to have followership altogether across all of them.ipad-tablet-technology-touch

Do you think that sometimes social media creators are not agile enough to convert fans between platforms in case platforms die out?

They have to think beforehand not to “put all eggs in one bucket”, rendering them vulnerable. Sometimes it works, if they are extremely successful on that particular channel. The tactics of all eggs in one bucket have worked until now which is a good thing, but we see that it is also good to experiment with various platforms. It seems truly smart to experiment and cross-convert. And I believe it is indeed important to try push followers from one big platform to other channels.

Gaddr is part of the solution to connecting audiences across social channels. Establishing the platform that helps to unify digital identity of social media creators, we let followers access all creators’ content in one place and add them on all their channels within a few seconds.

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